link love, to fight the monday blues.

if you’ve found yourself falling prey to the (freezing cold) Monday blues, here are a few things that I’ve found around the great world wide web to cheer you up, and maybe ad some spark and purpose to the beginning of your week:

– although it may not be the most healthy thing on this blog, this recipe will never fail to make me drool. Hot chocolate in the cold winter? Yes, please.

– in keeping with the chocolate theme (hey, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth this time of year?), these cookies are absolutely rocking my world. Cookie baking has become a key part of my Sunday night routine, so I have some semi-healthy sweets to much on throughout the week.

this article is incredible inspiring, and spot-on with the lessons that January has been teaching me so far. Be happy… do it now!

– having trouble getting up in the mornings? Read this article to learn why a structured morning routine could really help set a positive course for your day.

this short writing is a beautiful little reminder of how important it is to carve out some “me” time in our lives.

this little collection of facts was really interesting to me. Efficiency is awesome, but not if we’re sacrificing ourselves in the present moment for it.

– and finally, if you’re in the mood for a little bit of reading, check out this article about the amazing things that exercise can do for your brain…

…and then go hit the mat! Because, really, what better way is there to start out your week than a great yoga sesh, even if it’s just this short little ten minute sequence at home! Namaste, all you beautiful souls, and I hope your week is full of goodness and blessing.


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