the power of a pause

apparently, despite all of the crazy rushing and running around that we do, it has officially become cool to take breaks. Multitasking may be on its way out, and being present might just be the Next Big Thing. Poorna Bell from The Huffington Post gave us this beautiful article in which she talks about toning down, dialing out, and maybe even taking a full breath once in a while. The article poses the question “could the age of burnout be over?” and I for one sure hope so. Bell says that “people are beginning to take stock of their lives and take time out for themselves,” and our own Ruby Warrington, who wrote this article for our awesome blog, adds a nice touch to this idea by adding the idea of “being fully aware that I am not “supposed” to be anywhere but here right now.” 

It’s cool to be in the moment, guys.

It’s cool to breathe in. To breathe out. To smile. To put down the phone when you’re driving, and notice the trees. To stop taking constant stock of today’s to-dos, and instead kiss the person you woke up next to. To look the grocery bagger in the eyes, and see if they’re having a good day. It’s cool to connect. Cool to walk slowly, even though you have places to be. It’s cool to miss out on what you should be doing, and instead focus on what you truly need. It’s cool to be wearing yoga pants and eating popcorn, instead of wearing stilettos at a loud party (thank goodness…). It’s cool to actually stand up for what you want.

Maybe that means cancel an appointment to go take a yoga class. Maybe it means skipping a yoga class to go home and read a book. Maybe it means watching a movie in bed. Maybe it means turning off the tv and baking cookies. Maybe it means turning off your phone for the day, or maybe it means picking up the phone to call a friend. Whatever it looks like for you, it means being present.

It doesn’t mean be lazy – it means be present. Be active, because your heart was created to pump. Work hard, because you were given an awesome purpose in this life, and it’s your job to rock it. Do your best, because you can. But don’t stress over it. Don’t rush through life, so focused on pushing forward that you completely miss what’s happening now.

Breathe in deeply. Appreciate the moment. This, this moment, it’s all we have. It is now, here we are in now, and this is it. Neither the past nor the future have anything tangible to offer. Life is literally completely encompassed in this one moment.

Sufi literature compares the moment to a sword, dangerous when misused, but powerful and strong when understood and handled wisely. A lifetime of missed moments accumulates quickly, so stop wasting them, starting now. Just be here. That’s all you have to do. In the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Zen monk and meditation master, he focuses on the idea of this moment as the ultimate, on being here as being all that you need – you have arrived. He says that “as you breathe in, you practice arriving. You have arrived. Your destination is the here and now. In daily life, you are in the habit of running because you think happiness is impossible in the present,” but that instead of constantly running, trying to attain happiness, we need simply to breathe in and realize that we are here, we have arrived in happiness, in the moment, and this is where we are to constantly dwell.

So, here we are guys. This is it. Appreciate your lives, moment by moment, starting right now.



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