behind the scenes: Tony and Grace

happy day of love! Hopefully you’re out enjoying your beloved one, your beautiful family, or your incredible self on this day, but if you happen to glance at the internet in between all that love you’re out radiating, here are a few photos that will hopefully inspire you even more towards love, balance, and unity on this day! Tony and Grace, who are absolutely Greensboro’s fitness power couple, were kind enough to agree to do a couples yoga shoot for our Product Notification this week, and I’m so glad that they did, because we had a blast. They came prepared, with a list of well crafted and practiced poses that they could do together, and all that I had to do was sit and snap the shutter as these two demonstrated how beautifully in-sync they are. So gander these, glean some inspiration, and then grab your mat (and maybe your loved one?) and get out and yoga!






and, of course, I had to include this last one… just to make the rest of us feel better. There were a few tiny tumbles along the way… but that’s what made it all so much more fun!



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