link love for the remnants of winter

we got our big snow of the season in, so now maybe we can start looking towards spring? I don’t know about you, but I’m really ready for running shorts and tank tops, all day every day. Until then, though, here are a few fantastic links to get you through the last of these winter days!

– in an attempt to celebrate winter while it’s still here, this delicious cocktail is an awesome way to savor the flavor of the season… and an excellent reason to throw a dinner party!

– and if that doesn’t work, one of my favorite bloggers wrote this helpful list on how to fight the winter blues.

– STILL feeling chilly? Here are a few simple foods to keep you warm in the winter.

this little article really helped remind me how important it is to say “thank you”… to anyone and everyone!

– needing something sweet to make? check these beauties out… and make sure to bring a few by the showroom if you have extras!

– craving adventure, or even just a little change? read this, and then do something once a day that scares you.

– I thought that this was an awesome post-Valentine’s Day read… a great reminder that love lies in the simple things, the little details, not always just the grand gestures. Too beautiful. If you’re here, savor it. If you’re not, hope in it, and wait for it.

– and finally, even though things aren’t quite in bloom yet, here are some beautifully simple flower arrangements to brighten up your space.

have a fantastic week, lovelies!


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