your weekend prescription of link love!

whether you’re beach bound for spring break, or simply enjoying a lazy, lovely Saturday morning, here’s some link love to brighten up your morning. Enjoy, lovelies!

this is a really awesome weekend DIY! Simple, easy, photographicable, and fun… also, who doesn’t like vanilla?

– an impending transition into the season of vegetables calls for some quick and delicious recipes. Love these, because they’re tasty and nutritious, but won’t require hours of prep and cooking time to create… always a huge bonus.

wanting this so badly right now. As you should be too, if you’re into cookbooks, food, or health. The Thrive Guidebook was a dietary game-changer for me, so the beautifully photographed accompanying cookbook can only be full of all things wonderful.

– if you’re thinking thoughts of raised beds for your spring garden, here is an article that I found really, really helpful when putting together mine.

– valentine’s day may be long gone, but here are some great reasons to keep up the kissing!

crazy easy. crazy yum. another great way to love chickpeas.

– I can’t tell if reading this made me happier about the cold, or just more cold. A nice as it is to have spring on the horizon, this article helps make the tiniest case for appreciation of the long, cold season we’re leaving behind.

– loved this article on weight lifting for females – really interesting stuff, and crucial information for any fitness lover!

– finally, I can’t wait to try out this recipe. Scary, scary good.

“eat like you love yourself. move like you love yourself. speak like you love yourself. act like you love yourself.” – Tara Stiles

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