sweet tooth adventures: black bean brownies


warm vanilla, sweet cherries, and fudgy chocolate… how badly is your sweet tooth aching right now? Good news – this fantastic combination of tastes doesn’t belong exclusively to decadent, sugary desserts, and these incredible black bean brownies are proof of that. All of the taste of traditional, flour and butter brownies, but minus everything that would spike your blood sugar and damage your gut. Awesome. These little guys are the best of all worlds.

One of the things that make these brownies so fantastic is that they require no flour, not even a gluten-free substitute or almond blend, using regular black beans instead as the substantial element. Why is this such a good thing? Well, first of all, flour is nothing more than a filler in most recipes, something to give substance to the flavors involved in the rest of the recipe, and yet it tends to be responsible for a lot of health problems and weight gain, partially because we eat so freaking much of it, in all things and at all times. You definitely don’t have to give up flour completely in order to live a healthy lifestyle, but it is helpful to be mindful of swapping it out for something else when the option is there. In this case, these brownies remove the necessity of something that is not very nutritionally beneficial, and instead replace it with an incredibly nutrient dense ingredient: black beans. In addition to the amazing rich, fudgy feel that the black beans bring to these brownies, they also bring along a wonderful amount of fiber, folate, copper, and a whole host of other valuable nutrients. Thanks to the black beans, these brownies will actually be working to help regulate your blood sugar levels, instead of spiking them like a traditional sugar-filled recipe would. Finally, they’ll be bringing to the table some really wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and who wouldn’t choose to take their dessert with an extra helping of antioxidants?


So, now that you love them, here’s how to make them!


– 1 can of organic black beans

– 2 chia eggs (see below for instructions)

– 3 tbsp coconut oil

– 1 cup cacao powder

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 3 soaked dates

– 1/2 tsp baking powder

– 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon

– 2 cups of strawberries, fresh or frozen

– 2 tbsp peanut butter



to make the chia eggs: soak 2 tbsp of chia seeds in 6 tbsp of water for two hours or overnight.

for the brownies: pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. As it heats, combine everything except for the strawberries and peanut butter in a food processor, and process until smooth. Once the batter is finished processing, pull out a muffin tin, and place one or two strawberries into each little muffin space. Stir the peanut butter into the batter, and pour it over the strawberries, filling each space until 3/4 full. Option to top with walnut pieces or some dried, unsweetened coconut flakes. Bake for 25 minutes, and then let cool for 30. I topped mine with a chilled blend of full-fat coconut cream and strawberries, but they’re just as amazing without. Enjoy!



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