link love!

happy weekend, lovelies! here are some exciting things and good reads… enjoy!

– in honor of the exciting new opening of the  Cycle Loft in Greensboro, here are  eight reasons to love spin class! (as if we didn’t already…)

this article is incredibly beautiful. “Luxury, in its new context, is the enjoyment of the best in life: the experience of beauty, knowledge, and humanity at their deepest and most inspiring.”

why runners should practice yoga! I mean… why would you not want to practice yoga? But here’s even more motivation.

hellllooo, lovelies. (c’mon. Wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t at least one sweet recipe in here!)

an article that makes a block quote necessary. One of the most empowering things I’ve read in a while: “Your adventure is now, your time is here. Whether you can see the end point or even the middle point is of no importance; the reality is that it’s all happening whether you are trying or not. As long as you bring your authentic self to each step you take, as long as your hellos and goodbyes are more than just letters and syllables strung together, as long as you breathe this air that’s been circulating in our world since the beginning of time and let it sink into your bloodstream, it’s all happening.”

 – more reading, but this is cool

oh my gosh, want.

cute gym hair styles to go with your cute gym clothes? Yes, please.

– and finally, a super cute Easter DIY.





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2 responses to “link love!

  1. Love this blog. Whoever does this deserves major credit!

  2. Caroline

    loveeee this quote!!!

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