on creating newness

One of the biggest challenges with anything constant in life is that, as much as we are always growing and building, we tend to forget the beauty and excitement of newness. This applies to anything – belongings, relationships, and yes, even yoga. I’ve found myself so very guilty of this – I’ll go to a class, and roll my eyes in the back of my head, because it’s the exact same sequence we did last time, or because, hot dang, I am just not in the mood for seventeen rounds of Sun Salutations. Instead of viewing my time on the mat as something new, a space within which to create and develop, I’m frustrated by what is similar and routine. I’m forgetting the very first yoga class I ever attended, where I had to look around every time the teacher spoke to see where the heck I was supposed to be bending and twisting, or the first down-dog I took, which probably would have been more appropriately named “uncomfortable camel.” I’m forgetting the sheer joy I found the first time that I correctly remembered the order of the poses in a Sun Salutation, and how secretly proud I was when I stuck my first side crow. Just because I have a slightly better handle on the poses now, it doesn’t mean that yoga isn’t still new, full of joy, exciting. Yoga, just like life, is exactly what you make of it, and is just as full of that blank, empty space for you to create, build, play, experiment, learn, and grow – constantly. Until the day you die, you are creating, and what you are creating is entirely your choice.

That being said, it’s truly a joy to hear the thoughts of someone who has just started a yoga practice, and to really get excited watching someone you care about experience the fresh new possibilities that come with really learning to live and understand yoga. I have been blessed enough to do that recently, as my dear friend Megan has just started coming to yoga in the past few weeks. It’s been so incredible to see her develop a love for her practice, to watch her in her fresh new wunderunders (!) as she embraces the joys of a Sun A… I’m convinced that there is nothing more wonderful than watching someone step into something that they truly love.

Fortunately for me, and the rest of you, in addition to being a yogi, Megan is also a blogger, and she wrote a really awesome post yesterday on her thoughts about beginning yoga – what led her to that point, and what she’s gleaned from it so far. Immediately after reading it, I asked her if it was something I could share on here – the post is thought-provoking, insightful, and the coolest collection of thoughts and lessons that she’s learned in developing a yoga practice. So, read her incredible post here, soak in the wisdom of trying something new, or as our company’s manifesto so beautifully puts it, “trying one thing a day that scares you,” and take the time, space, and intention to really start creating the life you crave.

Namaste, lovelies.


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