some wednesday link lovin’

happy hump day! here are some jewels from the world wide web, to pick up your spirits on this rainy Wednesday.


– have you been needing the extra push to go the distance with your run? Mindbodygreen reminds you that yes, you CAN do a marathon!

– even if there is no marathon in your future, here’s an interesting little interactive page about the larger impact of running. Very cool.

– but, if you’re running, you should be doing this – a fantastic de-mystification of the foam roller.

stop making these, and get out and sweat…

– mostly so that you can make these. but seriously.

– and also, because apparently you are just a few short workouts away from better skin? Read more about that here.

– um, so this is inspiring.

– maybe some flower-based DIYs will make the rain go away?

– i love greens. i love infographics. this combination is awesome.

– “but I live with an eternal green-grass mindset” – this is beautiful. 

– and finally, strawberry margaritas! Garnish with some basil, and who’s ready for the weekend?



“we should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” – Marilyn Monroe


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