loving the MOMent

let’s face it – moms are the greatest. Really and truly – your mom is your absolute best friend. She is the person who will understand you the mostly deeply, throughout your entire life. She is your comfort, your support, your inspiration, and your biggest cheerleader. She’s one of the six people in the auditorium at your middle school play. She’s holding the video camera as you leave the door on your first day of high school, no matter how much you roll your eyes. She’s clapping the hardest as you walk the stage at your college graduation. She’s crying her eyes out at your wedding. She’s the one who watches you run your first race, who takes you out for doughnuts after your first broken heart, and who moves your couch into your first apartment. She’s the one who always tends to know best… even though you never want to admit it. And she’s the one who probably STILL doesn’t quite understand the clothes you want to wear, or the tattoo you got in your twenties. Even when you’re a mom yourself, she’s the one you call to celebrate with, to  grieve with, or simply just to connect with. She is the one who, through everything, sees you, knows you, and loves you. Even if, for some reason, you mom isn’t all of these things, she is, at the very least, the strong and incredible human being who gave birth to you, and who loves you deeply and wholeheartedly. There is truly nothing like a mother… so, let’s all take this upcoming Sunday to deeply appreciate the MOMent. Pause your busy lives for a day, and take some time to really give thanks for the amazing woman who brought you into this world.

So, in an attempt to reminisce on years and years of handmade cards and gifts, here’s a slightly more practical, and possibly more aesthetically pleasing, Mother’s Day gift idea, to show your sweet mommy just how much you love her… but feel free to throw a giant Magic Marker piece of artwork in with it too!



Calming Lavender Scrub

2 cups of plain Epsom Salt (Earth Fare has some great tiny cartons of it)

2 tbsp lavender essential oils

1/2 tsp coconut oil

2 tsp dried lavendar flowers (Deep Roots, bulk herbs section.)

Directions: Pour the epsom salt into a mason jar, and stir in the oil, flowers, and coconut oil, until everything is completely mixed. Tie on a sweet note with some twine, deliver with a flower, and appreciate the MOMent. 🙂






And finally, check this video out, if you need any more inspiration for that major mom love! Happy Mother’s Day, all of you incredible women out there.


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