gift guide: father’s day, 2014

just in case you were fretting about getting your husband/father/grandfather, etc, another set of whiskey stones or a different pattern of striped ties this year for Dad’s Day, we thought it might be a good idea to have a few unique other options ready for you. We have scoured the internet, poured through the “best of” lists, and come up with a few seriously awesome gifts for your main man this Father’s Day!

1. lululemon Boxers – definitely number one on our list… but seriously. You don’t understand. He’ll thank you for the rest of his days, and possibly start loving lululemon even more than you do…

2. Krankies Coffee – for those token early morning “dad moments” of coffee, orange juice, and a newspaper, some local and delicious Krankies Coffee would work perfectly. Pair it with a unique and funky mug, OR paint one yourself!

3. Mast Brother’s Chocolate – it might not be the most original gift ever, but I know personally that whenever I give my dad Father’s Day gifts, the only things that I see get immediate and significant use is the chocolate.

4. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit – a well-packaged one-and-done for manly personal hygiene, these things smell lovely and are created with natural oils.

5. Plantable Comic Books – okay, I’m a little bit obsessed with these. Comic books that have herb seeds in them. So, you read them and then plant them in the garden – “be a hero, plant herbs.”

6. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit – I mean, come on.

7. Biolite Camp Stove – the coolest little wood-burning stove in the world, and it also charges electronic devices from the heat created by the fire. Absolutely ideal for your camping man.

8. Tudor Watch – a simple, handsome leather and steel watch, for a man who loves simple, beautiful, and well-made things.

9. Fly Fishing Kit – this is ridiculously cool –  Patagonia makes a “Simple Fly Fishing Kit” with their Tenkara rod as well as everything you’ll need to use it, and everything you’ll need to know about it.

10. Personalized Photo Book – it’s not lame, and it never gets old. No matter what, the most important thing in a dad’s life will always, always be his family, and what better gift for Father’s Day than a collection of images of the people who make him a dad.


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