behind the scenes: Nathan Keil

when looking at some of the rock star lululemon men in our Triad community, it would be impossible not to highlight Nathan Keil, who is the Head Coach at Crossfit Altius over in Kernersville. Nathan has been Crossfitting for three years, but it’s not the fact that he could probably lift a small house, OR the fact that he just got fourth place in the Mid Atlantic Regionals that makes him such an incredible coach – instead it’s his heart, and his very clear passion for what he does. When you step into Nathan’s box, you almost immediately realize two things very clearly: 1) he really, truly loves and believes in Crossfit, and 2) even deeper than that, he cares about coaching and helping you to do and be the best that you possibly can. In addition to incredible physical strength, Nathan also has the heart of a coach, and this shines through in everything that he does. We couldn’t be more proud to have him as a part of our community. Check out some of these pictures from our Product Notification shoot with Nathan last week!






Nathan - PN 1

Nathan - PN 2




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