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sweet tooth adventures: fourth of july pie-lets

happy (almost) fourth of July, lovely friends! In honor of our nation’s day of independence, here is a so-healthy-you-could-eat-ten (oops, I did) recipe for some red, white, and blue mini-pies… probably one of the most simple things I’ve ever made, and with a very low ingredient count! Perfect for your picnic/barbecue/miscellaneous patriotic celebration tomorrow evening.



2 cups of walnuts

10 pitted dates

2 tbps coconut oil

plain So Delicious coconut yogurt

fresh strawberries & blueberries



put the walnuts, coconut oil, and dates into a food processor, and let process until smooth(ish). Meanwhile, toss one large container of coconut yogurt into your ice cream maker (it works just as well as regular yogurt instead of frozen yogurt, but I never really want to pass up a chance to make healthy fro-yo, soooo…), and let it churn until it’s a thicky, creamy consistency. Mine took about 20 minutes. While it’s churning, take the crust mix out of the food processor and mold it into tiny pie crust shapes, and stick in the freezer. After an hour of freezing, pull the crust out and pop your pie-lets out of the muffin tin, and once you have them on the serving platter, scoop your fro-co-yo into the crust and decorate with some fresh and patriotic berries. Have an absolutely fantastic fourth!


* orignal recipe is from the incredible Green Kitchen Stories, aka one of the best food blogs ever *


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