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behind the scenes: Nathan Keil

when looking at some of the rock star lululemon men in our Triad community, it would be impossible not to highlight Nathan Keil, who is the Head Coach at Crossfit Altius over in Kernersville. Nathan has been Crossfitting for three years, but it’s not the fact that he could probably lift a small house, OR the fact that he just got fourth place in the Mid Atlantic Regionals that makes him such an incredible coach – instead it’s his heart, and his very clear passion for what he does. When you step into Nathan’s box, you almost immediately realize two things very clearly: 1) he really, truly loves and believes in Crossfit, and 2) even deeper than that, he cares about coaching and helping you to do and be the best that you possibly can. In addition to incredible physical strength, Nathan also has the heart of a coach, and this shines through in everything that he does. We couldn’t be more proud to have him as a part of our community. Check out some of these pictures from our Product Notification shoot with Nathan last week!






Nathan - PN 1

Nathan - PN 2




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behind the scenes: Chris Clodfelter

in my professional opinion, there are few things in this world better than a badass man rocking some lululemon. But, maybe I’m biased. Either way, to celebrate the new @lululemonmen on twitter and instagram, we shot the incredible Chris Clodfelter, the owner of Eight Points Muay Thai,  for our latest Product Notification email! If you didn’t know about his impressive track record (one of the first Muay Thai fighters in North Carolina, trained in Thailand, two-time title belt holder… you know, super casual…), you would never even guess that he was such an intense fighter, because Chris is, first and foremost, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. He’s unassuming, encouraging, friendly, and humble… but as soon as you step into his gym with the desire to work, he’ll put your balls to the wall. In the best possible way. I loved spending time with him, have loved loved getting to train with him, and loved loved loved getting to photograph him in his wonderful Winston Salem gym. So much #lululemonmenlove.
















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what we’re loving: speed shorts


with so many great colors of these little beauties in the showroom this spring, it seemed a great time to highlight exactly why we freaking love speed shorts so much!

The Speed Shorts are our favorite Swift material, which is crisp, lightweight, soft and smooth, and runs with you instead of sticking to your sweaty legs (because let’s be honest – if you don’t have those running around here in May, you’re probably walking. Indoors.) Tucked into all of this magical fabric are plenty of pockets, for all your running essentials… keys, gels, credit card and ID if, like me, you sometimes find yourself in situations where you’re running to a wine-serving destination… the zipper back pocket’s great for that one, but it’ll also fit an iPod/iPhone for those less inclined to booze after they break a sweat. Finally, a favorite recently-discovered feature on these puppies: they dry crazy quickly. Like, in the time it takes you to eat a bowl of chips and salsa. It’s partially due to the little pockets of ventilation all up the back side of the shorts, and also the awesome CoolMax liner which wicks moisture away to the outer fabric, working to make everything dry a little more quickly and evenly.

Love ’em so much. AND, in case you didn’t get our latest Product Notification Email, we just got a couple new colors of these little guys in the showroom. So come by and grab some, and tell us what makes you love Speed Shorts so much!



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behind the scenes: Sean the “Run Bum”

this past weekend, I had the insanely awesome, and very spontaneous pleasure of photographing Sean, “Run Bum,” up on the trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This dude is seriously intense… and seriously awesome! If you’re looking for some new outdoor/athletic inspiration, we’ve found you a great one. Sean is based out of Atlanta, but travels literally all around the world “in search of the perfect run,” with the mission of having fun, connecting runners, and inspiring people to get active and outdoors… so basically, he spends his life living to the fullest, and elevating everyone he meets to do the same. In addition to seeking out (and crushing) really awesome runs for himself, Sean organizes races and events, and also leads his Run Bum community in clearing and maintaining trails. On top of all this goodness, he’s also a super nice and down-to-earth guy… and he can rock some lululemon!

Check out these pictures from our awesome time hopping around on a mountaintop, please please go read more about this ridiculously inspiring guy, then go join his amazing community, AND FINALLY,  come hang out with him in the showroom TOMORROW (April 24)  for Run Club, and again May 8th for a Run Bum clinic, some crazy awesome stories, and an ice-cold beer. What better way to kick off run season?!


IMG_4211   IMG_4223

IMG_4205   IMG_4234   IMG_4268

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weight training: why and how


with all the classes and cardio we try to jam in to our daily lives, it’s easy to forget about (/ignore) the importance of a good, old-fashioned, sweaty gym sesh… however, in honor of this week’s PN shoot at Green Valley with Kadie, it seemed appropriate to take a moment and highlight the incredible physical benefits of doing time on the weight bench every now and again.So, if you’re one of the many people who hits the gym frequently, but never takes the time to go pump iron, here are a few reasons for why you should maybe reconsider:

1. Intense weight sessions burn calories AND boost up your metabolism, so when lifting hard and heavy, you’re burning calories  at the time, and also putting your body in a position to continuously burn through more later.

2. Additionally, lifting can decrease the natural decline in your metabolism, which generally starts around age 30. So, if you feel like your metabolism is starting to function a little less efficiently than it did when you were 18, some sweaty gym time might just be the cure.

3. BONE STRENGTH – a huge issue for all of us, although one we’re less likely to pay attention to, since it’s not something that shows outwardly… but weight training helps to strengthen your bones and increase bone density, which will significantly decrease your risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

4. Cardiovascular benefits… yes, lifting can count as some cardio. Two birds, one stone. Depending on the weight and intensity, lifting can definitely help get the heart pumping, which has great fitness benefits, but also works to keep your heart, and therefore you, active and healthy.

5. Finally, lifting regularly significantly helps in the reduction of body fat. Obviously, it works to keep you strong and to build muscle, but as that lean muscle mass increases, it turns around and helps your body burn the excess fat. So you’re getting more fit AND more lean… no complaints there, right?


alright, so now that you’re sold on lifting… how? Here are a few tips for maximally efficient time in the weight room:

1. Lift heavy. If you’re not there yet, that’s fine, work towards it. Ladies, don’t avoid heavy weights for fear of getting “unnecessarily bulky” – one, your body doesn’t have the testosterone levels, or take in the calories needed for that, and two, the amount of tiny tears created in your muscles while lifting heavier weights are actually going to be what work to burn more calories after you’re finished lifting. Check this article out for more information on what you should be lifting. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself… that’s half the fun!

2. Change it up – we’ve all heard someone say, “oh man, yesterday was shoulder day, and it was rough,” or something along those lines… but the idea of dividing up certain muscle groups for different gym sessions is actually a really helpful one. Even if you don’t go every day, it’s important to focus on working different muscle groups in each workout, so that you get a fully balanced improvement, but also so that you give the muscles you’re working the proper amount of time to grow and recover.

3. Train with something. Fitness buddies are the best buddies – this way, you have someone to encourage and support you, correct you on your form, and maybe go eat ice cream with afterwards (I mean, hey, if your metabolism is already sped up from all your lifting, why not… right?)

4. Finally, here’s a quick breakdown on what exactly a balanced weight training session looks like: start with some strength training, which means a moderate load with moderate repetitions – whatever muscle group you’re working, if you keep it around 8 reps, and with a comfortable (not easy) load, this is going to help you build the strength endurance you’re looking for. After that, if your goal is to build muscle size, you’re going to want to graduate to lots of different workouts for the same muscle group, all at a manageably hard load, but with moderate reps (6-ish). If your goal is not necessarily huge muscles, but more maximum strength, you’ll get there by doing heavy loads and low reps, so find a weight that really, truly challenges you, and lift it for 1-5 reps, with a longer rest period. If you’re still feeling up for some more work after that, aim for just a little bit of power training to balance it all out, which is simply a light-load exercise, performed as quickly as possible. So things like squat jumps, soccer throws, even medicine ball chest presses… these will help you build up speed and power, to balance out all of the muscle work you just did. And, as always, finish up with some yoga moves, to give your wonderful muscles a break and some much-needed love.

kadie -bw

want to read more? Check these out: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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happy 1 year, lululemon greensboro!

It’s our birthday!!! This past weekend, we celebrated our first year as a showroom in Greensboro, and it was the most incredible time ever. It was truly touching, to see the number of inspiring instructors and guests that came out to celebrate with us, and it was such a beautiful reminder of the importance of community, especially THIS community! It’s so amazing to be here, and we’re loving every moment of it. Cheers to one year, and to many, many more.

An extra special thanks to Crossfit Altius for making up a special early-morning birthday WOD for us, to our ambassador Elliott from Paz Studios for teaching our in-store birthday yoga, and to Gigi’s Cupcakes in Winston for making the most bomb GLUTEN FREE lululemon cupcakes that I’ve ever had (we were all extra thankful for a sweaty birthday WOD after the amount of cupcakes consumed in the showroom over the weekend… oops.)

So, so much community love came out of this weekend, and we’re truly grateful for each and every freaking one of you that we see in the showroom, out in classes, or really anywhere in the Triad area. This place is amazing, and it’s all because of you guys. Thanks for making our past year here so incredible!









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behind the scenes: studio to street

PN - Mackenzie

it’s spring, ’14! What we’re loving right now: our fantastic new styles and colors, and how great they look both on and off the mat. Here’s a little peek at the behind the scenes from this week’s Product Notification shoot with Mackenzie as she shows us how she’s styling some of her favorite pieces this season.






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behind the scenes: Tony and Grace

happy day of love! Hopefully you’re out enjoying your beloved one, your beautiful family, or your incredible self on this day, but if you happen to glance at the internet in between all that love you’re out radiating, here are a few photos that will hopefully inspire you even more towards love, balance, and unity on this day! Tony and Grace, who are absolutely Greensboro’s fitness power couple, were kind enough to agree to do a couples yoga shoot for our Product Notification this week, and I’m so glad that they did, because we had a blast. They came prepared, with a list of well crafted and practiced poses that they could do together, and all that I had to do was sit and snap the shutter as these two demonstrated how beautifully in-sync they are. So gander these, glean some inspiration, and then grab your mat (and maybe your loved one?) and get out and yoga!






and, of course, I had to include this last one… just to make the rest of us feel better. There were a few tiny tumbles along the way… but that’s what made it all so much more fun!


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behind the scenes with Whitney Gelin

Here’s a peek at the behind-the-scenes of this week’s PN shoot – some more shots of the incredible Whitney Gelin, who is an amazing CrossFit champ and such an inspiration to all of us at the showroom!






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